No matter what the operation, downtime of equipment can be time-consuming, costly and business-critical, which is why we deliver the UK’s largest stock of OEM spare parts to the food service industry. From our 100,000sqft headquarters in Cannock, we supply a high volume of stock of commercial catering spares, making us the key choice for spares solutions for both customers and manufacturers. Working with some of the market’s leading brands enables us to deliver in-stock availability and first-time-ship rates of over 90%, making us the fastest and easiest way to purchase genuine OEM spare parts.

Industry Sectors We Support

As the UK’s leading one-stop-solution for genuine OEM spare parts, accessories and consumables, we work across multiple sectors to ensure we are supporting differing needs of a variety of customers across the country.

Commercial Catering Equipment Service

At First Choice Group, we pride ourselves on being at the heart of catering equipment service, connecting manufacturers, dealers and customers. To meet the needs of each part of this sector, we stock and supply the most commonly required spares, with an impressive stockholding made up of genuine OEM parts from leading manufacturers across the UK and the world. We also supply a comprehensive range of consumables and tools, install and gas safe kits as well as van stock and accessories, so that our customers operating in the food service sector receive a superior level of service.

Refrigeration Equipment Service

Utilising specialist knowledge of the refrigeration industry, the First Choice Group refrigeration specialists are able to source and supply much-needed and hard-to-find spares from both leading and small manufacturers. We can provide genuine refrigeration spare parts and accessories from OEMs across the UK, Europe and North America, creating a central hub for refrigeration servicing, repairs and installation. Our relationships with refrigeration manufacturers allow us to also assist with the van stock and accessory items from major brands that are needed on a day-to-day basis.

Laundry Equipment Service

Whilst food service is at the core of everything we do, we understand that clean sheets are just as important as clean dishes, making the laundry room a key part of many commercial hospitality and public sector operations. The demand for laundry equipment spares is significant and continues to grow, which is why we offer a complete range of laundry spare parts, including OEM parts from industry-leading manufacturers.

Bakery Equipment Service

From retarder provers to dough mixers and more, we stock genuine spares, accessories and consumables from bakery equipment brands across the world.

Stockholding and Stock Optimisation

Since receiving investment from our American partners, PT Holdings the parent company of Parts Town, we have been able to significantly grow our stockholding for all major brands genuine OEM parts and accessories. As part of our continual commitment to quality and improvement, we devote significant time and resources to optimising both our own and our manufacturer partners’ supply chains. Alongside using data analysis to identify usage trends, this enables us to order in bulk and stock the most needed parts. This has created a more efficient workflow for suppliers and provides greater benefit for customers by being able to supply the parts they need on-demand.

Manual Distribution Meets Automation

Our Cannock headquarters boasts a 70,000sqft distribution hub, which was specially designed and built to enable us to better enhance our parts delivery service. The distribution hub is home to our industry-leading auto-storage system, which boosts the efficiency of our distribution team by enabling them to easily retrieve items from more than 470,000 spare parts, consumables, tools and accessories which are stored on-site. The innovative system has revolutionised our whole process, significantly increasing picking efficiency since its implementation, providing customers with a much faster service and manufacturers with an attractive prospect for a UK spares distribution base.