At First Choice Group we don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality for our customers, which is why all parts, consumables and accessories we offer are genuine and come direct from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Working closely with manufacturers from across the globe allows us to have direct access to these genuine OEM parts, as well as supporting documents and technical information which we make readily available to support our customers in finding the right part.

When choosing spare parts, the OEM option is always the best one for your business; offering the safest, most reliable operation and maximising the uptime of the equipment.

Choose OEM Parts For

Optimum Safety

Using genuine parts that are specified by the OEM ensures that the equipment will operate correctly, safeguarding your investment and the people who operate it. Safety is our most important core value, so we offer the UK’s largest stock of genuine OEM parts, which should always be fitted by a qualified professional.

Reliability and Efficiency

OEM parts are guaranteed to fit and function as the manufacturer intended, keeping the equipment operating at full efficiency without overusing energy and supplies. Better yet, just like the equipment itself, genuine manufacturer parts are durable and made to last which makes them the more cost-effective solution. Without a doubt, genuine OEM parts are better for your business.

Maximising Uptime

Catering equipment is the lifeblood of any commercial food service operation, so maximising its uptime is crucial to running a profitable business. Genuine OEM parts keep equipment running exactly as the manufacturer intended and with their durable nature, you can reduce the chances of a failure right in the middle of a busy food service.

Warranty Protection

Using non-OEM parts often invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty on the equipment so the appliance may no longer be covered for future warranty claims. It also means that the end user can’t claim back the cost of the part under the warranty as non-OEM parts aren’t covered by the manufacturer.

Using First Choice Group for your parts and accessories is an extension of the manufacturer’s service. We help to validate claims using our experience and parts insight while the customer receives assurance knowing that the supply chain has the manufacturer’s approval.

Our training division covers topics such as how to reduce claims and avoid the possible causes, which ultimately results in less equipment downtime for the end user.