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Commercial Kitchen Ancillaries

As a one-stop-solution for spare parts for laundry, coffee, bakery, cooking, dishwashing, food preparation and refrigeration equipment, we can supply kitchen ancillaries from most leading industry manufacturers and have exclusive spares partnerships with many leading brands.


We stock and sell a wide range of kitchen ancillaries including products which support hygiene and safety, water technology, gas technology and castors and shelving. We also provide Combi oven accessories and cleaning chemicals.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse currently holds well over 20,000 lines of spare parts and ancillaries for professional kitchen equipment needed by catering engineers for coffee making, cooking, food preparation, dishwashing and cold storage.

In addition to this we also hold over 5,000 lines of the larger items in bulk storage and can supply consumables, such as lubricants and sealants, together with an extensive range of tools.


Our exclusive Commercial Kitchen Ancillaries brochure contains 78 fully illustrated pages of products, ranging from water softeners, pre-rinse units, taps, faucets and ventilation canopy baffles to grease eradication technology and food waste management solutions.

We also have seven printed catalogues with photographs and details of more than 20,000 items. Our full stock of parts is available for next day delivery throughout mainland UK if ordered before 17:00.

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