Our Company

Our Mission and Values


The First Choice Group mission is what drives us as a business. The mission embraces the culture and ethos of the company, it is what motivates us to succeed.

First Choice Group Mission : To consistently exceed customer expectations through unrivalled service, built on outstanding team work, responsiveness, parts availability and technical expertise, and supported by continual investment in innovation, training, technology and manufacturer partnerships.

Core Values

The First Choice Group core values are a set of principles which direct the way we perform and fulfill our obligations as staff, to each other and to our customers. They are what we measure ourselves by as an organisation and offer a unique insight into the culture embedded into First Choice to define the company.


Demonstrating outstanding knowledge and awareness of all safety principles and promotes safety in the workplace to serve the best interests of all employees and visitors.


Always open and honest during interactions with everyone in the First Choice community, showing empathy, morals and ethics while believing deeply in the company’s core values.


Strives to create unique solutions which benefit the customer by thinking creatively and showing initiative which attracts opportunities to advance the company’s capabilities.


Cares deeply about the company and strives to be the best, showing pride and willing to go the extra mile with a desire for shared success.


Confident enough to take risks with a conviction that encourages others to do the same and bold enough to make decisions which challenge the status quo to attain the highest standards of achievement.




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