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Where To Find Your Electrolux PNC Number

31st October 2019

If there is a fault with your Electrolux appliance and a spare part is needed, the first thing you need to do is contact First Choice Group so we can support your equipment’s aid to recovery. 

As First Choice Group holds the UK’s largest stock of genuine OEM Electrolux spares, accessories and consumables, both Electrolux and First Choice Group want you to maintain your commercial equipment and help you if there is any fault which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you easily identify the parts you need through your PNC number. 

What is a PNC number? 

The ‘PNC Number’ or ‘Product Number Code’ is a unique identification code that is printed on the data plate of all Electrolux appliances. It allows us to know exactly what parts will fit your appliance. 

Model numbers do not accurately enable us to know which parts fit your appliance, which is why we require the PNC Number.

Most consumers assume the model number is the key identifier on an appliance whereas, for Electrolux, it is actually the PNC number. The Electrolux website revolves around the PNC and it’s vital for getting things right. 

How to Read an Electrolux Serial Number







How the PNC is constructed 

The most common type of PNC you will see originates from Electrolux’s Italian factories. An example PNC number would follow this rhythm: 9PDD 267780 05. The first part of the code (four digits) is the indicator of which factory and platform it was manufactured in. The second part of the code (six digits) refers to the model and the series. The third part of the code (two digits) is the variation number and refers to how many versions of the product there has been. 

The 6 digits that follow the factory code (267780 in this example) are the ones you are mainly interested in. On some rare occasions, you may also need the variation number. 

Where would I find the PNC number? 

These are the data plate locations for current Electrolux products… 

  • Dishwashers – lower right-hand side panel 
  • Ovens – lower left-hand side panel 
  • Modular Cooking – under the control panel 
  • Refrigeration – around the door frame area, or inside the cooling unit, next to the compressor. 
  • Dynamic Prep – around the back near to the cable entry point, or underneath with smaller appliances. 











These have not always been the data plate locations, if it’s not a current appliance you may need to look further afield as older appliances and Electrolux products from factories in other countries may have a different identifier. 

Data plates from some factories in Switzerland and France are now broadly in line with this system but in the past operated differently.

You may also encounter, ‘Special Products,’ and ‘Pre-Production’ (prototype) products. They are distinguishable by having PNCs beginning ‘S’ or ‘P.’ For these products you will have to seek assistance and First Choice Group Technical may need to contact Electrolux.

Witholder Electrolux products, if you can’t find the data plate, try removing the logo badge from the front fascia and looking behind it for the product details. On older models, the PNC may be referred to as ‘Type,’ ‘Typo,’ ‘Code’, ‘Codice’, ‘Model,’ or ‘Modelo.’ 

Another item which may require further assistance if at fault is the Molteni Electrolux. Molteni is a premium brand with high-end bespoke appliances and cooking suites. It is vitally important to obtain the PIN (Product Identification Number) and Model of the stove for correct identification.  

You will find the PIN in the Molteni ‘Technical Cupboard’, a cupboard where the services, electric, gas, water, enter the suite. For Molteni appliances, you will also have to seek assistance and First Choice Group Technical may need to contact Electrolux.  

Even though not always necessary for identification, a key piece of information sometimes needed is the serial number. For the most part, the Electrolux serial number is just an indicator of the age of the appliance. 

To view all stock parts, visit the Electrolux store page on First Choice Group’s website where you can find information on all products and equipment.

For any other Electrolux spare part support, contact your First Choice customer service team or fill out our enquiry form below. 

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