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Save Time and Money with First Choice Group’s ACS Gas Assessment

26th February 2020

At First Choice Group, we pride ourselves on our dedicated catering assessments, providing engineers with both the knowledge and experience they need to stay gas safe while working on the equipment and machinery they face on a daily basis.

As the only centre in the UK entirely dedicated to catering assessments, technicians who are assessed at the ACS centre benefit from relevant and tailored tasks carried out by catering engineers, only. 

Cost and time effective

Companies that send their technicians to First Choice Group’s ACS centres are assured they are receiving a cost and time effective assessment. Most ACS centres around the UK are predominantly domestic with additional catering elements and the normal average trainer to trainee ratios are much higher so candidates get less attention and specific attention to detail. Catering technicians may also be given non-relevant tasks (e.g. working on domestic appliances), which wastes time and money. 

At First Choice Group, we realise time is money and estimate the loss of earnings, to a company having a technician off the road, could be up to thousands of pounds per day. On average, when a technician comes to us for an ACS assessment, it will likely take two days to complete. A key contributing factor is the fact we carry out a maximum of 2 to 1 assessment, this means at any time no more than two technicians will be assessed with each assessor, this saves time as the technician does not have to wait around for tasks.

Aligned tests and reassessments

For reassessments, we also try to align all tests, for example if the technician’s core CCCN1 is due for renewal, we recommend renewing all elements at the same time, so, in five years they all fall again during the same period. Whereas other centres will try and keep reassessments separate, so they can justify longer times in the centre.

Dedicated and specific to catering technicians

By offering an ACS centre dedicated to commercial catering, we often find that catering technicians are more relaxed, in a familiar environment for their assessments, ultimately making the whole experience much less stressful. 

Receive helpful reminders

All gas technicians are entered into our secure database, meaning we can manage all assessment criteria for a service company. First Choice Group will contact the employer 6 months before the technician’s registration expires giving guidance on available dates for them to be assessed, this assures gas safe registration continuity and eliminates the possibility of the gas safety registration running out.

To view the ACS Gas Training and Assessment course details, click here and for further information please call: 01543 460 385 or email:

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