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How-To Clean the MKN FlexiCombi Oven

1st July 2019

Being the exclusive UK distribution partner for MKN, First Choice Group are pleased to provide expert advice and knowledge to customers on MKN equipment, working closely with the manufacturer to provide as much information as we can.

MKN provide a range of innovative commercial cooking equipment and are well known for their range of combi ovens, the FlexiChef and combi steamers.

Many of the MKN combi steamers are equipped with the WaveClean, an automatic cleaning system, and carrying out this process can be done in just a few simple steps. Here, we break these steps down into a simple guide on how to clean the MKN FlexiCombi oven…

1. Select the cleaning option – When putting the oven onto a clean, select the ‘device functions’ on the oven screen menu and choose the ‘automatic cleaning’ option. This will take you to the WaveClean menu.

2. Remove anything from inside the oven – Before starting the clean, remove any containers or grids and any racks or trays from the oven, leaving the side racks in. As well as this, it is important to remove any food debris that may be stuck inside the oven as this may get stuck within the internal fan baffle.

3. Choose your cleaning cycle – The screen will then ask which cleaning cycle you would like to use where there is the option of short, medium and intensive. Select one of the cycles and the oven will then begin a water test to ensure that the water is on.

4. Insert the cleaning cartridge – Once the water test has taken place, the oven menu screen will then ask you to insert the cleaning cartridge. To do this, take the lid off and turn the cartridge upside down and place in the fan baffle. Close the door and then confirm on the screen that the cartridge has been inserted. The WaveClean process will then start.

Once the cleaning process has finished, the oven will buzz to signify that the cycle has ended. The menu will ask you to remove the cleaning cartridge and once this is done, you must confirm that the cartridge has been removed on the menu screen.

The cleaning cartridges to use with the MKN combi ovens, the MKN two-in-one cleaner and rinse cartridges, are made specifically for MKN ovens and are only available from First Choice Group. The part number for this product is 10012974.

As MKN’s exclusive UK distribution partner, we offer a full range of genuine OEM spares, accessories and chemicals to keep your equipment running safely and efficiently.

We are also an MKN appointed Service Training and Spares partner, which means we offer MKN combi oven training through our in-house technical training division, First Choice Training.

For more information on the range of spares and accessories we stock from MKN, visit

Watch the full video on how to clean the MKN FlexiCombi oven below where our Technical Training Manager, Martin Dagnall, goes through the whole cleaning process.

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