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How-To Clean the Electrolux SkyLine Combi Oven

10th January 2020

How-To Clean the Electrolux SkyLine Combi Oven

The Electrolux SkyLine Combi Oven delivers outstanding performance and is renowned for offering some of the lowest running costs on the market, as well as exceptional ergonomics and usability. Knowing how to properly clean your SkyLine Combi Oven is an important part of the daily maintenance process to keep it working at its most efficient and maximise uptime.

The SkyLine Combi Oven benefits from the SkyClean built-in self-cleaning system, which is programmable. By planning your cleaning cycle in advance, you can walk away and even control it remotely.

Electrolux SkyLine Cleaning Chemicals

Electrolux have developed new cleaners specifically for the SkyLine Combi Oven. These chemicals offer unprecedented cleaning performance. When paired with the SkyLine’s automatic cleaning system, the C23 Cleaning Powder provides hygienic, spotless and phosphate-free cleaning; while the C25 Rinse & Descale Agent works as a 2 in 1 solution to aid the oven cleaning and descale the steam generator.

As an Electrolux Professional preferred UK supplier, we at First Choice Group have the genuine OEM cleaning chemicals readily available year-round for next or same-day delivery.

  1. Electrolux C23 Cleaning Powder – 0S2392
  2. Electrolux C25 Rinse & Descale Agent – 0S2394

Cleaning Your Electrolux Skyline Combi Oven

Safety notes before beginning an oven clean:

  • Always wear gloves and safety glasses when handling cleaning chemicals
  • Allow the oven cabinet to cool before attempting to begin cleaning
  • Never open the oven door during the cleaning cycle
  • Only use genuine Electrolux Professional branded chemicals as others may damage the oven and void the manufacturer’s warranty


Step One: After the oven has cooled, remove trays, grids and food debris. In order to provide the best cleaning results, your SkyLine oven should be empty and completely free of all loose food debris before beginning the cleaning cycle.

Step Two: Add Electrolux C23 Cleaning Powder to your SkyLine oven. Pour the manufacturer-specified dose of the environmentally friendly C23 Cleaning Powder onto the dedicated basket in the bottom of the oven cavity (see video above for a demonstration).

Step Three: Add Electrolux C25 Rinse & Descale Agent to your SkyLine oven. Add the manufacturer-specified dose of C25 Rinse & Descale tablets into the drawer on the front of the oven cabinet. Ensure this is fully closed and locked in position before beginning the cleaning cycle (see video above for a demonstration).

Step Four: Set the cleaning cycle. Using the touchscreen panel on the front of the oven, choose the appropriate cleaning programme and start time by following the onscreen instructions. Ensure the oven door is properly closed and set the SkyClean cycle to begin.

For more information on our range of genuine Electrolux Professional parts, accessories and chemicals, visit our Electrolux manufacturer page.

First Choice Group is also an Electrolux appointed Service Training and Spares partner, which means we offer combi oven training through our in-house technical training division, First Choice Training.

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