How-To Clean a Convotherm Oven

Convotherm, a Welbilt brand, offers a wide range of advanced, feature-rich combi ovens to suit the needs of any type of kitchen; from the Convotherm 4 range to the Convotherm Mini. Knowing how to clean your Convotherm oven properly is an important part of the recommended daily maintenance process.

Cleaning your Convotherm oven has been made easy and quick with the built-in ConvoClean+ system. Combined with genuine Convotherm oven cleaning chemicals, the automatic cleaning system leaves the oven sparkling and hygienic, and does so without the need for the operator to come into contact with the chemicals, dramatically improving safety.

As a Master Distributor of Convotherm chemicals, and genuine OEM Convotherm parts, First Choice Group offers all required cleaning agents with same and next-day delivery options.

Convotherm Cleaning Chemicals:


Single Dose Convotherm Cleaning Chemicals:


Running the Convotherm AutoClean Cycle

Safety notes before beginning an oven clean:

  • Always wear appropriate PPE when handling chemicals, e.g. gloves, safety glasses etc.
  • Allow the oven cabinet to cool before beginning attempting to clean – the oven must be below 80°C for the cleaning cycle
  • Never open the oven door during a cleaning cycle
  • Only use genuine Convotherm branded cleaning chemicals, as others may damage the oven and void the manufacturer’s warranty


Step One: Check that the cleaning agent canisters are sufficiently filled prior to beginning a cleaning cycle. In order to get the best results from your cleaning cycle, it is important to ensure that enough of the genuine Convotherm cleaning agents are available to the machine.

Genuine OEM Convotherm Cleaning Chemicals - Available from First Choice

For 10 ltr containers:

  1. Check the level of cleaning fluid in each of the connected containers
  2. To replace a container, unscrew the cap with the feed tube from the empty container and place this onto the new container. Ensure that appropriate safety measures are taken while changing the chemical containers
  3. The feed tubes and caps are colour coded to match the cleaning fluid containers. Ensure that each tube is placed into the correct container and securely connected to the oven. If the connections are swapped, the cleaning results will be unsatisfactory


For 125ml single dose bottles:

  1. When prompted by the oven, take the specified 125ml bottle of cleaning agent and unscrew the cap, taking care not to damage the foil seal
  2. Press the top of the bottle onto the spike located in the oven drain to pierce the foil
  3. Leave the bottle on the spike until all cleaning agent has drained from the bottle. The bottle is transparent to allow you to see the amount remaining
  4. Carefully remove the empty bottle from the cooking chamber
  5. Repeat the steps above if prompted by the oven to add additional bottles of cleaning or rinse agent.


Step Two: Remove any grids, containers and food debris from the oven cavity. Once your oven has cooled to a safe temperature, remove anything that may still be inside the oven including any loose pieces of food that may have dropped to the bottom of the oven.

How-to clean a Convotherm oven

Step Three: Select the desired cleaning profile. From the touchscreen panel on the front of the oven, press the “Clean” button. This will present you with the various cleaning profiles offered by the automatic cleaning system.

Convotherm oven clean start screen

Choosing any of the icons will confirm the level of cleaning and display the cleaning time required. You will also be reminded to remove any food from the oven before starting the cycle.

Convotherm oven cleaning cycle display

Step Four: Close the oven door to begin the cleaning cycle. The automatic cleaning cycle will begin as soon as you close the oven door. A timer will be displayed on the touchscreen control panel to show how long is remaining on the cycle.

Convotherm oven cleaning timer display

Step Five: Confirm the end of the cleaning cycle. Once the cleaning cycle has been completed, a message will be displayed on the touchscreen saying “AutoClean Finished”. Press the green tick underneath this message to return the oven to normal operation mode ready for cooking.