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First Choice’s Top Tips For Christmas

3rd December 2018

First Choice TopTips For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner and as we start to get into the festive spirit, we decided to post our very own advent calendar of useful First Choice TopTips.

You can see each day’s First Choice TopTip by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn – #fcTopTips – or check back here.

First Choice TopTips

3 December

When changing Rational PCBs always read the enclosed instructions and make sure you have the latest software update on your USB stick – part number 87.01.275

4 December

Take the floating glass door off the hinges before fitting the Hobart Combi glass seal – part number JOIN1015

5 December

Having trouble locating Electrolux PNC numbers? Try removing the embossed logo badge and checking behind it.

6 December

When chemically descaling a Rational oven the only safe way to add the chemical is through the steam outlet inside the interior cabinet, this can be done with the Rational descale pump (part number 6004.0203) and descaler (part number 6006.0110)

7 December

Order food safe grease and oil for Hobart mixer gearbox cleaning – part number SU-E-4-9

10 December

When fitting Electrolux Combi Door seals, don’t forget to order Silicone Sealant – part number 0CB101.

11 December

Never remove the electrical panel cover of a Rational oven with the power switched on, and when refitting the panel make sure no fixing screws are missing. If new screws are required they are part number 10.00.102 for a pack of 10.

12 December

Always use hi-temp adhesive to secure the oven glass seals on your Hobart oven – part number SU-E-25-19.

13 December

For ‘foamed-in’ door seals on Electrolux fridges, be careful not to damage the plastic track when cutting the old seal away.

14 December

If your Rational SCCWE unit is freezing or constantly rebooting there may be a communication problem with the SD card, try running the unit without the SD card inserted in the PCB, if the unit then works you need a new blank SD card – part number 42.00.128.

17 December

Remove Hobart Genius X Filter for glass and under counter washers prior to cleaning for best results.

18 December

When fitting Electrolux PCBs, check if you need a Service Manual to program the parameters.

19 December

When changing Rational PCB’s please make sure you have the correct part before breaking the seal on the see-through packet, once the security seal has been broken the part will be non-returnable.

20 December

Bonnet serial numbers data plates are located under the right overhang or the island suite.

21 December

For Electrolux Molteni stoves, always look in the technical cupboard for the unique PIN number (Product Identification Number).

24 December

Hobart Ecomax/Premax undercounter and hood spec data plates are located behind the front panel

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