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Brita Filter OEM Parts from First Choice Group

27th February 2019

BRITA Filter OEM Parts

Effective water filtration is a vital tool for all foodservice operations, which is why we are pleased to be an approved BRITA supplier, providing filter cartridges for their Purity water filter systems.

Although safe to drink, UK water contains impurities which can spoil its overall quality. For this reason, BRITA delivers leading water filtration systems to optimise the taste, appearance, and aroma of water for food and beverage preparation.

Filtering water has a number of benefits, including preventing deposits and undesirable substances, protecting high-quality machines and reducing costs, and achieves an ideal composition of minerals to deliver a higher quality of water.

BRITA’s Purity water filtration are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the commercial foodservice market, guaranteeing the best possible water whether it is for coffee making, vending, baking, steaming or dishwashing.

For appliances heating water or producing steam, like a combi oven or steamer, the Purity C Steam system by BRITA is ideal. Its features ensure optimum water quality, product safety and ease of use.

These features combine to deliver a four-stage filtration process:

  1. A pre-filter reliably retains coarse particles
  2. The Purity C Steam filter medium reduces carbonate hardness. As a result, unwanted limescale formation is prevented
  3. The water runs through an activated carbon filter to remove substances such as chlorine and organic elements that have an adverse effect on taste and aroma
  4. At the end of the filtration process, a fleece retains any fine particles

or taste and cost effectiveness it is beneficial to retain some dissolved minerals in the water. In all Purity filters, a bypass is built-in to blend fully treated and partially treated water to achieve this.

This proven technology is ideal for medium-sized equipment and it is vital that all filter cartridges are replaced on a regular basis in order to reduce carbonate hardness and improve water taste.

As an approved BRITA supplier, First Choice Group can guarantee vast stock levels, fantastic delivery options, and dedicated customer service. 


Description Part Number
Purity Steam 600 Cartridge 1000252
Purity Steam 1200 Cartridge 1000231
Replacement Quell ST 600 Cartridge 273200
Purity C500 Cartridge 1002045
Replacement Quell ST 1200 Cartridge 273400

For more information on BRITA spares and equipment provided by First Choice Group, take a look here:

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