The Effect of Brexit on F-gas regulations?

17 October 2016

As we move towards our departure date with European Union what if anything will change regarding F-gas.

The Current F-gas regulations (EU) 517/2014 have been with us for a few years now, most importantly driving the gradual phase out of HFC refrigerants, by gradual reduction of availability of product and changes in leak checking and recording, now based on CO2 equivalent.

The phase out of HFC`s is based on a quota shared across the EU community, if a member state leaves the community it is possible that the EU may re-calculate the division of the quota across its remaining members effectively giving each member state a larger share of the quota, or lengthen the existing time scale, although this is highly unlikely.

As the UK leaves the union it is also possible that government could re-examine the regulation and adopt a new quota or completely change its strategy, although again this is unlikely.

The current commitment by the UK is to reduce the overall usage of HFC refrigerants to 21% of the 2009-2012 sales average by 2030 by means of step changes. The next step is to reduce sales to 63% by Jan 2018 this will certainly take place, as a large share of refrigerant is produced in Europe it will most likely lead to large increases in refrigerant costs which are already rising quickly. There is also an exemption regarding leak checking levels this expires and will be replaced by CO2 equivalent levels from January 1st 2017.

It would require a change of UK law to alter these regulations, as the current F-gas regulations are adopted into UK law making it very unlikely for any changes to occur in the near future.

Published : 18 October 2016 15:46