Stylish Dining Dished Up By C&C Catering Equipment

09 June 2017

Cc Visiting First Choice 2

Pictured: First Choice Group Managing Director, John Whitehouse, 2nd left, and Project Manager, Andy Lawrence, right, with representatives of C&C Catering Equipment in our new canteen

One of the biggest cultural changes at First Choice Group since moving to our new home at Kingswood Lakeside has been having access to a fully equipped kitchen and canteen for breakfast and lunch.

In a bid to ensure staff and guests could eat and drink in the most stylish and comfortable of surroundings we approached our good friends at C&C Catering Equipment to help design an appealing food court arena.

The result is ever so tasty!! Read all about it here in Catering Insight.

Published : 12 June 2017 10:57