So Much For So Little

20 April 2017

Refrigeration Manager at First Choice Group, Steve James, discusses the benefits of (Schrader) access valves and why engineers should pay them more attention!

“What are small and simple and cost less than a pound?” he said. “Access valves don’t get much attention paid to them as they do a very simple job, allowing an engineer to fill, empty or test equipment.

Schrader Valve

“There are a few things about a good valve which helps an engineer save time which is, inevitably, money. A good valve will have a dust cap at the connection end to prevent contaminants entering the valve and then the system. A good valve will also have a Core cap with a cap seal inside which adds a little protection against leaks and a Core removal tool on top. It’s no fun searching a full tool bag for that elusive Core tool!

“The Core itself has two seals, one seats the valve into the body and the other sits on the depressor pin, to seal after use. Quality would dictate that these would be Neoprene or Teflon in order to cope with varied refrigerants.

“But possibly the most important aspect of these little lifesavers, whether they are 10cm or 4-inches, there are many, many cabinets out there with 5cm or 2-inch stubs making life awkward to fit a gauge to. But can always cut a little off if it`s not needed and 10cm is much easier to shape!”

Published : 20 April 2017 09:09