So Far Show Good

23 February 2017

Want to succeed in this industry? It’s not enough to be innovative and ambitious, you’ve gotta be visible, being seen and being heard gets you everywhere. Your status and reputation depends upon it.

That’s why, with barely two months of 2017’s 12 already gone, First Choice Group can (metaphorically speaking) afford to put its feet up and recount the value of exhibiting at January’s Great Hospitality Show and this week’s CATEX jamboree.

A total of six-days sweat, toil and tuition at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds should reap rewarding dividends for the UK’s number one supplier of catering spare parts. But when you’re surrounded by 223 key industry players at Birmingham’s NEC and 187 at Dublin’s RDS Simmonscourt, preparation has to match expectation.

Neil -Fez

So why do we do it? Both events are essential for generating new business and attracting new customers. Each is a fantastic way of targeting our specific market, showcasing the range of our products and services by engaging people with the knowledge and expertise that has made the name First Choice Group synonymous with excellence.

The shows offer an active, vibrant platform from which we can reinforce the strength of the brand to key industry professionals and buyers. Whether you’re an end user, a fellow supplier or distributor, an engineer, an investor or just a curious member of the public, having a presence at either of these must-attend foodservice celebrations is worth its weight in gold.

Talking to people about our range of catering and refrigeration spares as well as the gas engineer courses our training division Combico UK facilitate is not only a great way of selling products it’s a great way of selling the business. A lot of companies, whatever industry they’re in, remain impersonal and impassive to the thoughts and feelings of their customers, ambivalent to what might influence their behaviour when it comes to spending.

But that’s where the greatest investment needs to be. People. The reason First Choice Group has come so far so (relatively) quickly is because we listen and once we’ve listened we reACT. Market forces are important, of course they are, but what shapes the market? The wants and needs, aspirations and expectations, demands and desires of those very same individuals who were patrolling the aisles at this year’s Great Hospitality and CATEX shows. Listen and learn. It’s really all about communication.

Being a part of two such well-established, well attended industry friendly events, renowned for being comprehensive, allowed First Choice Group to demonstrate exactly why it’s ranked the UK’s number one supplier of catering spare parts.

Don’t ever close the door behind you ….

Steve Sharma: First Choice Group

Published : 24 February 2017 17:06