Rational SCC WE & Installation Training Course Dates 2015

08 January 2015

Rational Spares and Training Partner

The Rational SelfCooking Centre Whitefficiency 3-day training courses are in demand and therefore have been made available every calendar month. In many cases we have tried to accommodate the demands and schedules of the attendees and therefore we offer 2 sets of dates each month. Once fully trained and certified, the technician who has completed the course and purchases spare parts will enjoy the full benefit of the Combico support system, which will include technical assistance from our Technical Training Manager Martin Dagnall. They will also be provided with a password to log in to the Combico UK web based Parts Technical Platform. The following dates are available throughout 2015 for the 3-day SCC WE Course (including 5 Senses):

January February March
6th - 8th 3rd - 5th 3rd - 5th
20th - 22nd 17th - 19th 24th - 26th
April May June
14th - 16th 12th - 14th 2nd - 4th
28th - 30th 19th - 21st 16th - 18th
July August September
7th - 9th 4th - 6th 8th - 10th
21st - 23rd 18th - 20th 22nd - 24th
October November December
6th - 8th 3rd - 5th 8th - 10th
20th - 22nd 17th - 19th

In addition to our programme of SCC WE Training Courses, for 2015 we will be delivering a 1-day Rational Installation Training course, essentially focusing on the installation of equipment at our dedicated Test Kitchen in Cannock. The following dates are available (1-day): 

27th January 17th March 21st April
26th May 23rd June 14th July
25th August 29th September 27th October
24th November 15th December

Combico UK will also be introducing further training modules for product installation and technical updates. We are looking at providing the update training every 18 months for those engineers who have previously completed a course with Combico UK and who require additional training, in order to stay abreast with mechanical and digital advances from a range of appliances. We are also working closely with Rational to establish an inclusive package that covers all elements of authorised installation. As the range of available courses continues to grow, Combico UK will endeavour to provide unparalleled technical support and on demand assistance to anyone who has previously undertaken training at our dedicated midlands based facility.

Further information relating to course fees, dates and availability can be obtained via the Combico UK website, our Training Coordinator Simon Groucutt on 01543 460355, or Martin Dagnall Technical Training Manager on 01543 460370.

Published : 08 January 2015 08:02