Music and Me and You and Us: Blog #4

25 May 2017


Research suggests that playing music at work increases your productivity. Have you ever just sat at your desk looking for inspiration and then, it happens … Michael Jackson, the Beastie Boys, Madonna, Coldplay or Take That set you off on an unstoppable journey of focus, commitment and achievement. No?

Much depends on the job that you do and the environment you do it in. If you’re sat alone in an office music can be a companion, a friendly and melodic comfort that stirs your thinking and triggers ideas. But if you’re one of a dozen or more people congregated and confined to one larger room and someone somewhere is playing songs you don’t know or don’t like, does music then become a distraction, a hindrance to your performance?

Music reflects personality. In any one office at any one time there will be a rainbow of personalities, going about their daily function, detached but connected. Some will sing along with Robbie’s latest chart-topper, others will start conversations to drown out his pleas for us to ‘live a love supreme’ while the remaining few will simply zone out and withdraw into themselves.
At the other end of the argument, if your job is more physical, one where you’re on your feet most of the day, carrying, fetching, picking, lifting, bending, pushing, pulling … your music is secondary, background noise. But noise is better than silence. Right?


As an accompaniment, having Public Enemy ‘Fight the Power’ behind you doesn’t engage you as much as it would if you were sat down alongside it, where you’re more likely to absorb and respond to the message. Having people sat around you could very well promote debate and chat about the band, the video to the song, the gig you attended, their album you play in the car. Hence, distraction.

And that’s what’s key with all of this musing. It depends on your personality and, essentially, whether you’re a music fan or not. There are those who will demand it, there will be those with ambivalence and then there will be those who are vociferous in their objections to it.

If you have a positive relationship with music then music at work will help you. If you don’t it won’t. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s a really hot day here today, someone pass the ice … ice baby!

Steve Sharma

Published : 25 May 2017 11:58