How Fiction Can Boost Your Reality: Blog

24 April 2017

Fight Club Tyler

Art imitates life, so they say. But have you ever thought it could be the other way around?
Whether you enjoy movies, music, books, theatre or television, works of fiction can inspire and motivate us.
Connections we make through newspapers, the small screen, big screen or your iPod can help us deal with challenges and conflicts, they can help us resolve problems, they can steer us to solutions and answers.

Think back. Remember a moment when the advice you took to progress a particular issue or answer a certain doubt came not from the colleague sat next to you but from ‘that’ scene in your favourite show or movie, that passage in the book you read last weekend, those words in the song you heard on your drive in this morning.

It can be instantaneous too. You’re sat at your desk, the phone rings, a new conflict emerges. But before panic sets in you remember what Gandalf told Frodo and pending fear is replaced by calm assurance.
To achieve success - at work and in your personal life - you need a certain level of confidence and belief. How you attain that is up to you? If reflecting on why Joey didn’t pass his audition in Friends, what Rocky did when his son got into a fight at school or what Chris Martin sings in Fix You can help you make the right decision, then great.

Every one of us needs a mentor. And whether these mentors are people we work with, friends or members of our own family, they are just in giving us the direction, focus and faith needed to progress and fulfil ourselves.
But they can be found in the pages of a book or a scene in a movie too. Ask yourself; how much strength do you get from thinking about your favourite song or film or book? What inspires you to do your best? Or rather, who inspires you?
It’s not as silly as it sounds, seeking hope and clarity from characters that don’t exist or words that sit on a page or are set to music. How many times have you heard people say ‘that movie changed my life,’ ‘it’s a song which always makes me feel better’ or ‘reading that gave me the confidence I needed.'

And then when you find colleagues and co-workers who too eulogise the same characters, personalities - the same works of fiction – the reality of shared connection weaves its magic and friendships form.

But remember, the first rule of Fight Club is …..

Steve Sharma

Published : 24 April 2017 14:47