Granuldisk Exclusive UK Spares Partner

15 December 2011

Granuldisk Spares Partner

GRANULDISK, the Swedish based manufacturer of Pot and Pan washing systems, has chosen First Choice Catering Spares Ltd as its exclusive UK Spares Partner.

GRANULDISK machines offer a more efficient alternative to sink-based ware washing solutions and conventional water-based machines. Instead of using countless litres of hot water, hazardous chemicals and detergent, tiny blue Granules blast off burnt-on food and stubborn residues. This system uses less water, detergent and energy, so it is not only a cheaper way to clean pots and pans it also causes less impact on our environment.

First Choice will maintain stocks of the most commonly needed GRANULDISK spares and consumables in stock in the UK, available for next day delivery if ordered before 4.00pm.

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Published : 24 February 2012 15:27