First Choice Track Day at Donington Park

28 July 2014

Donington Park

At First Choice one way we like to express our gratitude to our customers and colleagues within the industry, is to provide corporate hospitality event and activities. These often include thrill seeking elements or exclusive experiences that promise to create fantastic memories.

One such event took place on Friday 25th July, when Director John Whitehouse (who happens to be an enthusiastic Caterham owner, racer and all round petrol head) hosted a Caterham track day at Donington Park. The experience involved racing Caterham Superlight R300’s around the full GP circuit, alongside a range of other adapted race vehicles and super cars.

The Caterham 7 Superlight is said to be the finest Caterham ever built, With a 180 brake horse power Duratec engine, and mounted to a superlight 6 speed gearbox. The group were all given the opportunity throughout the day to individually experience the Caterham’s and handle the cars around the track, supervised by one of the fantastic ARDS instructors from BookaTrack.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew I would enjoy the day but I had no idea to such an extent.” Matthew Kitchin from C and C Catering Equipment commented. “The buzz once you’re out of the car was incredible, I couldn’t wait to get right back behind the wheel and throw it around the track again. Our lap times improved, our driving skill improved and the excitement escalated! Thanks to everyone at First Choice, it was an absolutely fantastic day.”

First Choice Track Day at Donington Park

Published : 06 August 2014 08:56