First Choice Takes Stock of Electrolux Cleaners

04 July 2017

Electrolux Clean

In a further show of brand strength, First Choice Group is now stocking and selling an extended range of Electrolux Professional cleaning chemicals.

Underlining one of the company’s strongest industry partnerships, the agreement to house, promote, sell and deliver these products for the professional laundry and catering solution provider reinforces First Choice’s commitment to sustainability and reflects how seriously it takes its own carbon footprint obligations.

Managing Director, John Whitehouse, said: “In all aspects of modern life, the use of chemicals is increasing almost daily so awareness of the impact of chemicals on people and the environment has never been so important.
“Electrolux is known the world over to only use materials which protect the environment and public health. We know this is very important to our customers who have their own responsibilities to fulfil.
“The use of genuine chemicals that have been tested and approved by Electrolux for their products is the best way to guarantee cleaning results and the lifecycle of equipment.”

With a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service and operating with a database of more than 1-million catering spare parts, including many OEMs, First Choice Group’s decision to increase its provision of Electrolux products is a sign of intent.

“We want to give customers more of what they want and need,” added John. “Having moved to new and bigger premises we are now in a position to extend our services and grow our stock, providing First Choice customers with an even greater choice of quality products.”
The extended range of Electrolux cleaning chemicals now available to First Choice Group customers includes professional rinse aid and detergents for dishwashers and ovens.
Visit or call 01543 577778 to find out more.

Full details and information on these products can be found below:
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SPPDS_0S2092_1_1_0S2092_PTDS_Professional Detergent for dishwashers EN
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SPPDS_0S2094_1_1_0S2094_PTDS_Professional Rinse for dishwashers EN

Published : 06 July 2017 10:40