Connecting through the world of Social Media

11 November 2013

Twitter Profile

Communicating with customers has never been more important for First Choice and with the rapid development of social platforms, it is becoming ever more popular to have a brand presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Since 2011 First Choice have been connecting with customers, partners and suppliers through social media. Facebook and Twitter are our established profiles but we’re also are currently building our LinkedIn and Google+ communities and connections.

2.5 billion individual pieces of content are shared by Facebook users daily and 25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour. These statistics demonstrate the increasing need to be involved and interactive with the online community, and First Choice are on board when it comes to real time interaction.

Through our own social media profiles we answer queries, update customers on the latest offers and post behind the scenes photographs from all the fundraising and social activities taking place at the office.

We currently have over 450 followers on Twitter and 100 Likes on Facebook and these numbers continue to grow. You can join us on any of our profiles by clicking on the links here on the website.


Published : 06 August 2014 04:19