First Choice Hosting Industry Qualification Seminar

29 June 2017

We are very proud and privileged to be hosting the inaugural CFSP Enhance seminar today.


Pic: Getting the conference room ready 

More than 80 graduates and industry delegates will be here at First Choice Group for what amounts to a celebration of the industry qualification. This seminar is only for those who have completed the CFSP Programme which was launched by CESA in 2009.

CFSP Author Doug Fryett is leading the event with a specially prepared presentation which will focus on key issues like ‘what not to do in a customer’s kitchen,’ ‘the difference between warranties and guarantees,’ ‘the legal requirements associated with gas and electricity’ and ‘understanding customers’ rights and the sale of goods act.’

CESAD Day 1a

Pic: CFSP Author Doug Fryett

During the day CESA will also be unveiling a new programme for new recruits to the industry that CAN ONLY be delivered by CFSP graduates. This will give the opportunity to mentor colleagues with a structured introduction to the industry called Principles of Foodservice.

Today’s event also features a session explaining how graduates can deliver the programme and add to their own unique personal point score.

CESA Day 3

Pic: Graduates and delegates will be informed on the nature and process of contracts

Published : 29 June 2017 09:58