First Choice Giving You More for Your Money

07 August 2017

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Less than three months after moving into our new headquarters, a new program is being implemented to First Choice Group operations that intends to give our customers even more – and more still.

Already established as the UK’s number one supplier of spare parts to the catering industry we are determined to make sure that our clients, suppliers and manufacturer partners receive the best possible service.
With more than one-million parts on our database we have, over the past few months, been working hard behind the scenes to continually increase our stock; currently the largest and widest range of catering spares stock anywhere in the country.

And as Managing Director John Whitehouse, explains, things are going to get bigger and better still.

“A new program is being implemented which aims to increase the value of our stock by 71 per cent, from an existing £3.8-million to £6.5-million,” he said.

“It will see our current 24,000 lines of stock rise by 30 per cent, to 31,000 lines by the end of the year. In addition to this our first time shipping – shipping the part to the customer on the same day it is ordered - will increase from 65 per cent to over 80 per cent while our stock service level (holding stock lines that are ordered but not necessarily shipped the same day) will grow from 81 per cent to over 90 per cent.

“Why are we doing this? It’s simple, we want to give our customers more. Relocating to our new premises and overseeing a transformation of the sales department into a new structured customer service unit has been done to ensure First Choice customers enjoy an even higher level of support through a reduction in waiting times, making it easier for them to get the parts they need.

“Customers can also expect to feel the benefit in their pockets too because not only will this new program save them time it will save them money.”

The new program has now started to roll-out with the planned increase in stock and boost to first time shipping operations expected to be complete by late Autumn.

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Published : 10 August 2017 12:50