First Choice Double its storage space

08 March 2013

Lean _Lift2Following the continued growth of our business we are in the process of doubling the storage capacity of our warehouse with the addition of 6 more ‘Lean Lift’ mechanised storage units creating an additional 17000 locations to store parts.

Our state-of-the-art Parts Automation Centre already holds well over 20,000 lines of spare parts and ancillaries for professional kitchen equipment for coffee making, cooking, food preparation, dishwashing and cold storage. In addition we hold over 5000 lines of the larger items in bulk storage and can supply consumables, such as lubricants and sealants, together with an extensive range of tools.

The extra storage capacity will help us achieve our 90% first time ship target, so that our customers get the parts they urgently need next day. Our database is currently approaching 750,000 and growing by 50 parts a day. Working with our partners we produce tailored reports on parts usage to ensure we maintain adequate stock levels of the popular parts.

The first stage of our automated storage and retrieval system was installed in 2010 and increased our storage capacity by a factor of 9 for the same footprint of the conventional racking systems they replaced. They also allowed the part pick speed to be increased by a factor of 5 and bar code scanning authentication reduces the risk of miss picks.

Published : 08 March 2013 05:11