Everything's New But You: Blog #5

27 June 2017

New Job Man

I got off the train and walked, and walked, and walked. Laden down with a suitcase the size of the Taj Mahal, this is not how I’d imagined my grand entrance to university life.
But as I (finally) reached and passed through the campus gates, penetrating eyes from every vantage point descended on me and my ponytail. Sure I was 20, I wasn’t a kid anymore and I’d been away from home countless times. But this was scary.

The first day came and went in a blur of frenzied faces, as did the first week. And as much as I’d yearned for this, dreamt of the opportunity and romanced the promise of living fulfilled, there remained the gut churning fear of doubt. What if I didn’t fit in? What if I wasn’t strong enough to cope with the changes imposed on me, expected of me? What if, for all my bravado, I wasn’t ready?
Academically, at school and college, I’d always achieved. But this was different. The onus was now on me and me alone. No safety net. A blank canvas reflecting words like responsibility and accountability laid out in front of me. But then it happened.

“You’ll be feeling overwhelmed, like you can’t cope. You’ll want to run away, go home, give up before you’ve started. But look to your left, now look to your right. That person sat next to you is feeling exactly the same way. Talk to each other and you’ll find your worries and concerns are not your own.”
As the Dean of the University continued to address her nervous audience of first year freshers, calmness slowly descended before a rupture of conversation turned the hall manic with smiles, eager handshakes and heartfelt embracing.

Why am I telling you this?
Because no matter what you’ve done before, what you’ve achieved in life, the places you’ve been, the people you’ve known and the experiences you’ve had – starting something new is scary. It’s the same with a new job.
Over the past couple of months First Choice Group has evolved in more ways than one, the company has, in the words of our Managing Director, John Whitehouse, ‘reached a new zenith.’ The acquisition by global leader Parts Town was quickly followed by the necessary upheaval to brand new and incredibly stylish premises. A new identity. A new culture.

And amongst the organised chaos of transition and transformation we have swelled the workforce; a clan of new starters cast head first into the euphoric, helter-skelter of life with the UK’s number one supplier of catering spare parts, their faces etched with the same mask of uncertainty that yours truly had worn so well as that new undergraduate in Manchester.
But fear not my friends, my colleagues. You are welcome and you are one of us. Reach out, speak out and you’ll find as I did way back when … we’re in this together, the First Choice family is one you can count on.

Steve Sharma

Published : 27 June 2017 11:10