EnviroPure secures first UK installation.

20 October 2015

EnviroPure secures first UK installation.

In the latest issue of Foodservice Consultant, Editor Michael Jones discusses with Project Manager Martin Allen the installation of the first EnviroPure machine in the UK by First Choice into CAT's College in Cambridge. Head Chef Ian Maclaren also provides his insight into the necessity and benefits of using such a cost effective and environmentally viable food waste disposal solution. (p.86-88)

Whilst in the October issue of Cost Sector Catering, Project Manager Martin Allen talks about the heritage of First Choice and the growth of the Environmental Solutions division in: Ask The Experts: Waste Management (p.78-79).

This is an exciting time for the Environmental division of the First Choice Group, with the first EnviroPure machine being installed in CAT’s College in June this year and further interest growing from foodservice consultants, site owners and contractors.

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Published : 20 October 2015 12:13