Efficiency Sheds Light on Success

30 January 2017

The award winning First Choice Group is set to break new ground with an innovative addition to its portfolio that will further boost its commitment to energy efficiency. The UK’s number one supplier of spare parts to the catering industry has added another cost and energy saving product to its database of more than 1-million spares.

The success of LED lighting within refrigeration has prompted the Staffordshire based organisation to further embrace technology.

Walk In Fridge

Steve James, Refrigeration Manager at First Choice, said: “First Choice Group has supplied LED strip lighting for refrigeration units for many years.

“But now we are looking to move things forward. Building on the success of strip-lighting we intend to trial LED panel lighting. This could make a real difference in walk-in freezers and cold-rooms. Consider the impact a 40w LED panel (giving off the equivalent of 200w of standard Bulkhead lighting) would have. Not only would there be high energy savings but such a product would also provide a shallow profile to help avoid knock damage; something which is a big issue with walk-in units because of their low ceiling height.”

Steve added the LED panel lighting trial, which is currently in progress, is being conducted to provide customers with a more efficient option.

“The focus for everything we do is our customers and how we can help them,” he said. “Not only is LED panel lighting a sustainable, energy efficient product, it could help refrigeration units to reduce their carbon footprint while assisting their primary function.”

The continued success of First Choice Refrigeration Spares is a testimony to the efficiency of both its product catalogue and delivery of service.

“We work in partnership with our suppliers and customers to provide a one stop shop for refrigeration engineers,” says Steve.

“We aim to supply OEM spare parts for any commercial appliance, rather than just the parts we stock, and are prepared to track down the difficult to find parts from lesser known overseas producers, as well as personalise our stock holdings to meet the customers’ requirements.

“Working with our customers we can stock parts to match their requirements and our close relationship with manufacturer’s means that we have access to a huge database of information and technical support. We also supply specialist tools, consumables and cleaning chemicals.”

Published : 30 January 2017 15:32