Do your water installations meet legal requirements?

02 February 2012

WRAS logoThe Water Fittings Regulations (or Byelaws in Scotland) set out national requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of plumbing systems and water fittings. Their purpose is to prevent misuse or waste of water and to prevent contamination of drinking water. It is not illegal to sell unsuitable fittings but to install one is a criminal offence and offenders may face prosecution.  WRAS list products that have been tested to comply with the UK requirements. T&S pre-rinse units and the First Choice range of contract taps meet WRAS approval but some cheaper imports from the Far East may not meet UK legal requirements. Check that the fittings you use are WRAS approved and preferably have them fitted by WRAS approved plumbers.

Published : 05 March 2012 06:28