Digital Technology is Evolving Engineers

03 February 2017

Smart Technology Apps

In the techno-defined, driven world of big business and industry consumer search engines are great for showcasing, informing, buying and selling. But for gas engineers, tools of more precision are needed if they are to carry out work to the high standards they are trained to.

To be fully effective engineers need to be able to instantly access critical, trusted data. In the realm of Smart technology and web-based-applications, they have a priceless ally. Martin Dagnall, Technical Training Manager with Combico UK, the accredited specialist training division of First Choice Group, says technology is evolving the role of engineer.

“In our competitive global market, created and managed by digital technology, engineers are under constant pressure to produce a high quality service of efficiency and achievement,” he said.

“To help them meet their daily challenges information providers need to deliver content that is both highly searchable and interactive. Manufacturers have to be willing to invest in the right technical tools which help engineers to carry out their work. To be as productive and innovative as they need to be when working on modern equipment and systems today’s engineers need the ability to collaborate with partners across the country, instantly and easily.

“This is because technical data is not only multiplying at an incredible rate but cross-disciplinary knowledge is more necessary than ever if projects are to be completed on time and to the required standard. In the past, smart search engines that provided the right reference answer were okay but okay is no longer enough. In 2017 digital savvy engineers expect their searches to be surrounded by more robust, decision supporting tools.”

Published : 03 February 2017 15:05