Combico UK's Training Solutions Can Safeguard Industry

11 January 2017

Combico Training 3

The time and cost of putting engineers through training is causing some to fear for the future of the catering industry.

With many manufacturers struggling to finance the training and re-training of staff more pressure is being put on external providers to come up with a viable and affordable solution.

Martin Dagnall, Technical training Manager with Combico UK - First Choice Group’s specialist training division - feels the industry should unite to find an answer.

“Most professional service companies acknowledge that it is strategically vital to keep engineers up-to-date with the appliances they work on, especially with the more complex and changing technology like combination ovens,” he said.
“This is why refresher courses are popular and vital for maintaining competency; assuming employers deem them practical and affordable.”

But what makes a good training course?

“A good training course is when engineers feel that their time has not been wasted as they will invariably have given up some of their own (working) time to attend it,” adds Martin.

“Courses need to be relevant and concise. You have to appreciate that many of those who will be attending are already qualified and experienced. Essentially, a good training course has to be applicable. The trainer has to be knowledgeable about the commercial catering industry.”

Combico UK is preparing a brand new range of courses to train people in all aspects of catering and refrigeration.

“First and foremost we will make sure that every engineers that goes through one of our training courses comes out the other side with the skills to meet both legislative and health & safety requirements,” said Martin.

“Technology is having a massive impact on the industry with engineers having to consistently refresh their training to ensure they are up-to-date, competent and safe working on the equipment. Our aim is to bring in people from other industries by offering attractive and advantageous training. Our managed learning packages will provide them with the knowledge and skills they need. You need to learn the new technology but you mustn’t forget about the basics too.”

Combico UK is certified by Logic Certification to run gas courses and carry out assessments under the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS). It caters for both the experienced gas engineer looking to renew ACS qualifications or an engineer that wants training to broaden skill sets.

“We can also offer pre-learning packs prior to assessments to minimise the amount of time engineers might otherwise unavailable for work in order to pursue training,” adds Martin.

It has been the case in recent years that the catering equipment sector struggles to find relevant training courses. However, with information sources and technical resources now much more readily available; engineers carrying smart phones to access technical manuals and drawings, manufacturers have the opportunity to play a bigger and more active role in training engineers.

Published : 11 January 2017 12:16