CEDA Water Industry Approved Catering Installer Scheme

14 March 2012

At Hotelympia CEDA announced that it has completed 11 training courses for over 100 engineers to pass the assessment for the Water Industry Approved Catering Installer Scheme. Peter Kay, Director of Technical Support for CEDA, said “This is great news and follows CEDA lobbying to have a scheme tailored to the unique demands of the catering industry. The need for the scheme follows changes to Water Regulations in 1999.  Essentially anyone planning to alter or extend a water supply in commercial premises has to submit details of the planned alterations with drawings and lists of fittings to their water provider at least 14 days before work starts. If the applicant does not hear within 14 days they can assume that it has been approved. The alternative, and this is where CEDA comes in, is to use a contractor approved under the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme (WIAPS). The advantage is that an approved contractor can carry out the work without having to notify the water provider and they can issue a certificate to confirm that the work has been carried out in accordance with the Water Regulations.”

Water suppliers fund the scheme and in order for a contractor to be approved they have to show they are suitably trained, have adequate knowledge of the 1999 Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (technically similar requirements were introduced in Scotland in 2000 forming the Water Byelaws 2000 Scotland).  The Engineers who successfully completed the training should have registered with the appropriate water provider’s industry sector scheme. Once that engineer has been registered with the water provider then the member company can use the approved contractor logo for the scheme.

CEDA is now organising the next tranche of training courses and to book a place, or obtain the approved contractor logo please contact the CEDA office.
For more information, visit the CEDA website at: www.ceda.co.uk or call Peter Kay on 01386 793 911 or 07770 848798.

Published : 20 March 2012 08:50