A Move into The Future #Blog2

23 March 2017

FCG New Build

Uncertainty, maybe. Excitement, yes. While it may not have the exuberance and magnetism of Christmas Eve in stirring mystery and joy, the weeks before the night before the day before we move into our new building remains tantalising in the possibility of its promise.

Almost 18 years after the First Choice seeds were first sown, the company is moving its workforce into new, lavish, multi-million-pound premises on Staffordshire’s most exclusive and sought after site – Kingswood Lakeside has been acclaimed by many of the UK’s biggest developers and investors as the country’s prime gateway for regeneration and innovation. We will be at its beating heart.

Local success stories do not get much bigger. The fact the vision of two men has been realised to such depth and degree inside two decades is staggering. It’s also a testament to the commitment, dedication, loyalty and ambition of people like us, the staff, the everyday men and women who have immersed themselves into the First Choice culture – honesty and integrity – and pursued the same belief in ambition that John and Carl have steered.

So come May the 2nd we will all be able to share in the euphoria and wonderment that tends to accompany the start of an unknown journey; glad and melancholy hearts thankful for what’s been and gone, eager and open arms ready to embrace whatever comes next.

For most First Choice Group staff I’d wager - and I do like a bet - that the first few weeks of life in our new Lakeside home will be an inspiration; that the sheer splendour of our surroundings will provide fresh impetus and fervour.  

Evidence suggests such feelings of fascination and fulfilment can underline both short and long term solidarity. For a company that intends to harness the power of integration and engagement to gain from a culture that connects and motivates people, we staff are in the privileged position of being heard and understood. An investment in the future of First Choice is, ultimately, an investment in all of us.

So as we march onto Lakeside, eager and enthusiastic, let’s remember it’s not a given. Life, as they say, is what you make of it. For the second time in less than 20 years, seeds have been sown to snare a vision which may have seemed elusive once upon a time, but is now a vision which is reaching out.

They say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I say we make it so …..

Steve Sharma

Published : 23 March 2017 14:24