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Inspirational Nicola’s Message – Never Stop Trying

31st January 2018

Inspirational Nicola Bevan is enjoying a new lease of life after summoning the courage to make the best – but most difficult – decision of her life.

Our bubbly customer sales advisor is gearing up for an assault on the Stafford Half Marathon in March – less than 12 months after undergoing life-changing surgery.

“For many years I was pretty sizeable,” she said.

“It was a result of my lifestyle really, I have type 1 diabetes and I was running a pub, it’s not the healthiest of professions I guess.

“More than anything, I wanted to be a role model for my young daughter so I thought to myself, enough is enough, I need to get the weight off, I need to sort myself out.”

Following a visit to a specialist who referred her for surgery, Nicola has reduced from 123 kilos (20 stone) to a now lean and trim 76 kilos (12 stone).

“It’s the best decision I ever made, I have a better life than before and feel like a different person, inside and out. I feel very proud,” she said.

“We now go for family walks every weekend across Cannock Chase, I enjoy going to the park and just being more involved and more active. It’s like my inner child has been let loose, it’s fantastic.”

Looking back and reflecting on her struggle, Nicola has a message for others who may find themselves fighting a similar battle.

“My message to anyone who is in a position like I was is don’t give up, every day is a new day. If you stumble or fall, just pick yourself up and go again, keep trying, you can do it.”

With her inner-child now seeking new and exciting challenges, Nicola’s ambitions are extending beyond the half-marathon on March 18.

“I have new aspirations now,” she said.

“At Christmas I was bought a Segway experience, that’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and now I’m finally going to get the chance to.

“Later this year we are planning to walk up Snowdon and I want to go camping too. It really has given me a new lease of life.

“But you know what the biggest difference is? I’ve always been a very sociable person but now, the smile I wear, it’s genuine. Before, it was a mask.”

In preparing for the Stafford half-marathon Nicola goes road running at least once-a week and spends hours on the treadmill at her local gym.

“Before the operation I couldn’t run a bath let alone a half marathon, so this will be a truly milestone event for me. If all goes well I’d love to have a go at the Birmingham and Black Country half-marathon too.”

With a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye, there’s no doubt that our Nicola is striding towards the life she’s always dreamed of and those are footsteps worth following in …




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