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First Choice Pieces Together Jigsaw Trust Support

22nd February 2017

A caring gesture by community-minded First Choice Group will help to provide invaluable work experience and life affirming opportunities for autistic children at the Jigsaw Trust.

The Surrey based organisation was set up in 1999 – the same year as First Choice was established – and is the parent company of Jigsaw School, JigsawPlus Adult Services and the Café on the Park.

The Trust provides high quality educational, vocational and wellbeing services for children and adults with autism, learning disabilities and associated communication and behavioural difficulties.

The Café has become the heartbeat of the Jigsaw enterprise as it encourages social interaction; allowing youngsters to develop their interpersonal skills and boost their confidence. And now First Choice Group has stepped in to provide its own fillip for all those working and in and using the facility.

Martin Dagnall, Technical Training Manager with Combico UK, the specialist training division of First Choice Group, explains: “Rational UK has donated one of its Combi ovens to the Jigsaw Trust for use in its café.

“However, as there is no drain available on the site to accommodate this oven, First Choice Group, in conjunction with Jonathan Barker of Pump Technology Ltd, has donated a Drainmajorfc30sl so that any waste water from the oven can be pumped away from the kitchen.

“This system has been developed (with a low level float and high quality tank) for specific use with Rational and other Combi ovens.”

Kate Grant, Chief Executive Officer at Jigsaw Trust, said her organisation is delighted with the magnanimous gesture.

“The café helps to boost confidence, promote a feeling of well-being and develop life skills which are transferable to real-world situations,” she said.

“As a social enterprise, it provides a commercial environment for our clients and older pupils to learn and develop important life skills. We are incredibly grateful to First Choice Group and Pump Technology Ltd for their very generous support.

“It will mean that more of our children and young adults will be able to access work experience opportunities thanks to the additional equipment available for them to use.”

The system went live at Jigsaw’s Café on The Park on Monday (20 February 2017).

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