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Energy Efficient Options Making Refrigeration Cool

7th February 2017

First Choice Group Refrigeration Spares Manager, Steve James, champions one of the most sought after energy efficient products on the market.

“With regard to efficiency, there’s an ever increasing interest in green technologies and natural refrigerants. This makes CO2 particularly appealing for larger commercial refrigeration.

“CAREL offers complete solutions to optimise refrigerant applications which use CO2 refrigerant. The company’ is renowned for developing high-efficiency expansion valves which reduce impact on the environment while increasing energy savings.

“The CAREL E2V electronic expansion valves for low capacity applications combines high reliability and precise control.

“Expansion valves are mainly used in commercial refrigeration to supply the evaporators on showcases and in cold rooms.

“The task of the expansion device is to guarantee correct superheat at the evaporator outlet. Better control precision boosts energy saving, safety and stability of the entire refrigerant circuit.

“First Choice Group is one of the approved stockists in the UK of the CAREL range of refrigeration equipment controls.

“We offer a wide range of CAREL electronic controllers and control components – including the CAREL E2V – for both the commercial catering and retail markets.

“Our refrigeration team has also undertaken product training at CAREL’s London offices in order to provide First Choice Group customers with a comprehensive service and unsurpassed technical support.

“The CAREL electronic expansion valve E2V has a proportional adjustment function as well as superior technical and functional characteristics. This means it can effectively control refrigeration and air conditioning units, ensuring continuous energy saving.”

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