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Ground-breaking Training Will Boost Commercial Catering

16th November 2016

Combico UK, the accredited specialist training division of industry leader First Choice Group, is set to break new ground with a course designed to evolve commercial catering and electrical safety.

The planned electrical competency course will provide engineers with the skills and knowledge they need to work safely on equipment within the industry.

Martin Dagnall, Technical Training Manager with Combico, said the landscape of the profession has changed.

“The relationship between gas and electricity has evolved and there have been amendments to the law which reflect this,” he said.

“A lot of gas engineers working within commercial catering now have to prove electrical competency due to the increased technology being used in modern equipment. Competence needs to be proven through certification. You can’t take short cuts with this sort of thing, lives may depend on it.”

The two-day course, which will examine the fundamentals of electricity and safe working practices for all commercial catering engineers, is being prepared for CEDA and CESA partnership and will launch early in 2017.

“Electrical safety for gas engineers is now paramount,” adds Martin.

“This course is specific to commercial catering – it is being developed by the industry for the industry. Following development trials the response and feedback has been very enthusiastic.

“At the end of the day we are looking out for the future wellbeing and safety of our industry’s engineers.”

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