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GreaseBlast Drain Treatment

7th February 2013

The disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG) accounts for over 100,000 sewer related blockages each year. That, to use a more digestible metaphor, is a municipal heart attack. To resolve the issue, First Choice has introduced a low-cost, automatic zero-maintenance biological drain dosing system, aptly known as GreaseBlast.

Remarkably easy to use and install, GreaseBlast is the latest solutions-driven product to emerge from leading international wastewater and drain treatment specialists, Environmental Biotech. GreaseBlast is as powerful as the name suggests.

The wall-mounted dosing system provides a permanent and natural solution to grease clogged drains. Quite simply, an army of non-toxic vegetative micro-organisms are routinely dispensed directly into the drain line where they immediately start consuming the fat, turning it into water and carbon dioxide; a process known as bioremediation.

John Whitehouse explains: “We work in partnership with leading brands in the catering market throughout the UK and are proud to be a distributor of GreaseBlast. We understand the expensive and time consuming issues FOG can cause and are confident in its ability to provide our customers with consistent and effective results. Using GreaseBlast is an environmentally friendly way of maintaining free-flowing drain lines, which we know is paramount, especially considering the health and safety risks blocked drains can cause not to mention the untold damage to the environment.”

Eliminating bad odours, blockages and slow drainage in the process, GreaseBlast’s formula is understandably closely protected at its Research and Development facility in Florida, which is a leading educational authority on bioremediation. Aziz Tejpar, Managing Director of Environmental Biotech, comments: “The reason our formula is so effective is that over 20 years’ research has gone into developing highly powerful multi-strained micro-organisms that are literally at work 24/7. They produce a live colony (biofilm) in the drainage system so as the waste is released the bacteria consume it on contact.”

The 3.78ltr bacterial solution within the GreaseBlast system is replaced every 14 or 30 days depending on the number of meals being prepared each day, and can be used as either a stand-alone eliminator of FOG or in conjunction with a grease trap.

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